Why Can't an academic Toy Be Fun? Listed here are Four

Peppa pig
Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center

Kids may use the this gizmo to create their own designs, or keep to the set's activity cards to make pictures and patterns from trains and boats to flowers and fish. All they must do is snap one of the following drill bits in to the power drill or screwdriver handle, grab a handful of big bolts, and switch on the set.

Peppa pig
You can easily use and entertaining for preschool to early school age children. While kids have fun playing, they keep improving their fine motor skills and patterning. The set includes 3 bits to be used with the drill or screwdriver handle and 5 different colored large screws. The drill has forward / off / reverse settings and makes drill sounds at a reasonable volume (thankfully!).

Memory Toy Story 3 Educational Game

Is it possible to find the matching pairs of your favorite Toy Story characters? Potatoes, pigs, ponies, and more! That's tons of fun for kids of all ages. You flip over cards two at the same time and see how many matching pairs you'll find! The set includes 72 picture cards, a plastic tray and instructions.

Alex Tub Tunes Water Flutes

Here's a cutie that makes music in the tub with a real water flute! You fill the flutes with varying amounts of water for multiple tones and keep to the easy-to-follow, waterproof song sheets!

Using the set of 5 water flutes, your kids can experiment with music and discover to play songs during bath time. They'll discover different sounds and tones that can be tuned with water to create a variety of pleasant sounds. Did Beethoven not start this way?

Educational Insights MathShark

Using electronic flash cards the MathShark puts kids through 8 different abilities of mathematical prowess, in addition to subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages. It also works as a fully functional calculator on the press of a button! The design, colors, flashing lights, and beeps are all reminiscent of a hand-held electronic game... which appeals to kids who might not otherwise be interested in practicing math. Smart (!)

The sound fortunately is unobtrusive, and may even be turned off! After each set a completely different comment like "You did it!" or "Way to visit!" comes up on screen. The sets are timed, as well as your kid's score, for the way long it latched onto answer all the questions correctly, appears by the end. Beating the MathShark can be as much fun as a video game! Can you think of a better educational toy?